I’m Back!

“Do what makes you happy.” I mean… I guess writing makes me happy, or it’s something that I don’t hate entirely, but either way, it doesn’t really get you any money. Due to my lack of talent and interest in other majors, I’m stuck with one in English. Not to disparage those who have a genuine interest and burning passion for English but what I associate that major with is unemployment. And everything seems extra uncertain if you don’t plan on being a teacher with your English degree.

When I think of a career, I guess writing gives me the most joy. Or perhaps it’s the only thing that I can picture myself doing. I thought about maybe trying nursing out because of the financial security, but I wasn’t so sure if I’d be able to keep up, as it is math and science based and I’m not exactly the best in science but I’m pretty much the worst in math. Honestly, I kind of regret dropping my nursing classes (that I didn’t take; I recently registered for classes), but I must admit that I did a pretty good job convincing myself that I was entirely capable of the job. I was a pretty good liar after I haphazardly decided to take the nursing direction in courses at the Course Counselor’s office. Then I called her back a week later, dropping those courses and trying to stick along an English major route.

It seemed like I abandoned this blog, and I did. But I thought about it a lot. And I guess I should stick with it. I’ll be honest, though. It was hard trying to write good blog posts and then seeing such a low number of views and even comments. I have to tell myself that this is what everybody else goes through and not because I fail at everything.

I’m sure that I’ll be updating you on my summer problems this year. I had one that I wanted to bring up, but I couldn’t bring myself to it; I was on a roll. Please look forward to my other posts. Thank you very much for reading!


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