Should I Take a Gap Year?

I bet you guys thought that I forgot about my blog, huh? Well, I haven’t. I actually think about if I should sit down and write a blog post quite a lot. And now I’m particularly pressed about a certain issue and it was too big to push off to the side. I’m going to stop making excuses and get straight to it.

I kind of want to take a gap year. I feel like I won’t be prepared for college and I have no idea what I want to do or what I’m truly interested in. And for the little interests I have, I’m not sure how well they would help me in the corporate world.

Excuse the awkward transition, but this reason deserves a paragraph of its own. Perhaps the biggest reason why I want to take a gap year is I don’t want to pay thousands of dollars to “find what I want to do in life” in college. I could find what I want to do in the actual real world. I’ll be honest with you; the degree that I have in mind is pretty useless. I plan on majoring in English and mostly because I’m horrible at everything else. I’m bad at math, bad at science, can’t draw, can’t dance, can’t act, can’t sing. I have no talent and if I did, maybe it would be in writing. I’m known at school for my spoken word pieces but I think that anybody could write good spoken word. And I used to be really good at writing essays, but I haven’t gotten any practice at all during school (I don’t have to write a lot of essays and honestly, it’s quite saddening). And also, I’m much better at writing than I am at reading so the reading aspect of the degree is going to be a struggle. I’m a very slow reader and I lose interest quite quickly. If you have to read 200 pages by the next class then that class isn’t for me. And I have quite a bad memory but I actually want to retain information so I’d spend even longer reading a passage, trying to fully understand it. So the path to earning an English degree would be a struggle.

And of course, you always have your pros and cons. The pro of not going into debt for something that you don’t even know would be worth it outweighs most cons to me. There’s the “everybody in your class will be ahead of you; you’ll be stuck with younger peers” con. Honestly, yes, that sounds bad, but would I want to go into debt for that? No. And there’s the “once you get a taste of money, you won’t want to go back to school” possible con. And honestly, it’s sensible. But I know myself and I think that I’d definitely go to college at some point (most likely the next year) to get a degree. In this world, you don’t really need a degree, but I feel as though it’d help me personally. For what? I’m not entirely sure. And there’s the arguments about “What if they don’t let you defer?” and applying again and I guess all that technical stuff. My main concern is that if I take a gap year, I hope that nothing would require me to be in touch with my old high school again. I would just like to move forward from there.

There’s actually not a lot of information on gap years on the internet. Even on YouTube, there’s scarce accounts of somebody’s gap year. And what’s surprising about that is the few people who took gap years are mostly English or British! And there’s gap year programs but they’re all pretty much ridiculously expensive. I even saw one for $19,000. Honestly, just go to college, lol.

And honestly, I don’t really want to “travel the world.” I’m not interested in going backpacking in the mountains of some other country. I just want to find what I like and how to make it into a job. Or even finding out what I don’t like could be a lot. I want to be showered with valuable life lessons and see what the real world is like. Maybe I need to take a gap year to see that I don’t need to take a gap year.

And I’m scared of not getting a job straight out of college. Aren’t we all? And as soon as I graduate, that’s when I have to start paying back the loans, I’m pretty sure. And if it’s sooner… Oh my goodness. Being in debt… That’s not a world that I want to walk into.

Maybe I could blog full-time and try to make money off of it. If I truly want to do that, I guess that I should be working hard right now at it. And something that I really want to do is start a YouTube channel. Many of my friends have actually told me that I should and that I’d be great at it. The excuses keeping me back from it right now are: no camera, no editing program, no idea what to film, lighting/set-up. Maybe I could earn money to at least buy a camera and editing program and take it from there. I have a Windows laptop so it doesn’t come pre-installed. I’ve even been thinking about YouTube video ideas lately. Maybe I could do skits by myself? I was thinking about just writing some lines. I wrote a play so why can’t I write a YouTube video? I need to stop holding myself back. Maybe I could set my eyes on an editing program and look up videos on how to use it. Maybe I could prepare myself now! I just need to hold myself accountable.

What I also want to do is clear out my room. I’ve been into watching minimalism videos and I am anything but. They’ve helped me to throw out/donate a lot of my clothes but not nearly enough. If I were to go to college and stay at home then it would be very hard to study in my room. I need a huge makeover.

I’m just thinking about a lot and kind of stressing myself out. What do you guys think? Have you taken a gap year? Would you? Anything? Thank you for reading!


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