Why I Hate Ladybugs

When I was a little kid, I thought ladybugs were cute and harmless. If you ever showed a kid a ladybug, they would gasp and ask to keep it. If you showed me a ladybug, I would have a look of horror on my face.

My school has a serious ladybug infestation. I have never heard of a “ladybug infestation” before coming here. Who would ever think in a million years that there could be too much ladybugs in the world? Well, as of 2017, I want them all gone. I can’t even open my windows unless I want to see families of ladybugs crawling about and their dead bodies litter the ledge underneath. They crawl along the ceiling of my room and tango with the overhead light. And my overheard light is sort of like a bowl attached to the ceiling to every time I turn the light on, I can see the dead ladybug bodies on the bottom of it. They just crawl about as if they own the place and it drives me insane.

The bathroom on my floor is disgusting; they ladybugs are on the sink, on the stall doors, scattered all across the lights and partying on the blinds. Every time I look up, there’s a ladybug just bopping along like they have somewhere to go. And the scariest part is those insane ladybugs who just fly around for no reason, scaring you. And I am terrified of the ones who trash against the overhead lamp. I can’t even be on my phone at night; I have to go under the covers because some ladybug would attack me for the light.

They’re disgusting for being insects and especially because their underside is sickening. What’s horrible is when they crawl across the mirror in the bathroom when I’m brushing my teeth or washing my hands and I can see not only their fronts, but their backs.

Not to be dramatic or anything, but I’m honestly traumatized by ladybugs. Seeing them stresses me out and honestly just disgusts me. I can’t wait until I graduate and go home because I can’t bear to see these ladybugs anymore. My worst nightmare would be to bring one of them home and—I can’t even begin to imagine this. And my brother goes to my school so he BETTER NOT. When I move out, I need to shake everything that I own and make sure no remnants of those creatures remain with me. And if I ever see a ladybug outside of this school, I’m going to freak out and go the other way.

I’m not going to attach any pictures because they gross me out. I don’t understand how pictures of bugs don’t gross every single person ever out. Something I hate the most is when you spontaneously look up a bug and they show you pictures. Like… please… just don’t. I could happily live the rest of my life without ever seeing a picture of an insect again.

The only infestation that I would be down for is a cat infestation. Does Mr. Whiskers and Mr. Fluffles want to come inside for a cup of Meow Mix? Then they can come right in. My family used to actually care for an entire family of stray cats until they disappeared. I actually really miss them; I grew up with those cats. But anyway, I’d replace ladybugs with cats anyday.

They make my skin crawl, they sometimes find their way onto my stuff and they just won’t die. My favorite thing is kicking them down the drain so that I never have to see them again. And if you “irritate” them, they smell and leave yellow streaks. Anyway, they’re not paying tuition so they don’t belong here.

I hate ladybugs and I wish every single one of them drops dead. Thank you for reading.


2 thoughts on “Why I Hate Ladybugs

  1. Ok, I’m pretty sure I’d hate them too if there were that many of them where I live. That sounds horrific 😵 I’m sure you’d hate seeing ladybugs sold in plastic containers at gardening stores because even I find it disgusting, and I like ladybugs.


  2. Yes! It’s all about moderation. If there was one or two outside then I’d be like, “Oh, okay, whatever.” But ladybug families? Ohhhhh no, lol. And people sell them at gardening stores? Wooow, I never knew that :O ! My school could make a lot of money, then, selling them, lol.

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