Creative Content, Fame, and Kris Wu

The key to a successful blog or social media account is to constantly post creative content. Creative content is desired but something, anything, should be sufficient. If I could post frequently, that would produce the most results.

Something that I struggle with is doing anything constantly. It’s hard for me to sit down and focus on one thing and to do it constantly. My actions are just as free as my thoughts. I’m also a bad texter; I’m always late with replies or I simply never respond. I’m not particularly busy or anything but I just somehow don’t usually get to them. And sometimes I reply very fast or slow enough to the point where I should have just not even opened the message. And I do not pick favorites for replies; I’m late for everybody. It’s something that I need to work on and something that has affected me in a negative way. I value most things people say to me but I need to do a better job showing that even by opening their message faster.

Isn’t it everybody’s dream to be famous for something? Or at least well-known? Even the smaller scale things like somebody knowing that you’d be good for this one task or thinking of you when they saw something is heart-warming. When people SnapChat me pictures of Hello Kitty, knowing my love for her, I’m honored. And whenever people see KPOP or EXO or SHINee or Kris Wu (Wu Yifan), they think of me. And I think it’d be great to be the face of a cause.

I used to be a sort-of popular Kris Wu stan on Tumblr. I wrote funny posts about him, most of them roasts. And I was constantly on Tumblr, making a lot of posts and reblogging a lot. Now that I think of it, I dedicated most if not all of my freetime to that. Getting over a thousand followers is hard work. And I was probably at some of my lower points while blogging. Being on Tumblr, however, gave me the little spark of joy I needed to get through. Or maybe it was more harmful; I’m not sure. Either way, I had a little taste of fame and although exhausting, it was exhilarating and fun. People wanted to know who you were and wanted to interact with you. And one of the best parts was people appreciating your content. Even when a post didn’t get a lot of notes or reactions, people still wanted to tell me how funny they thought I was. It really brought me up in my darkest of times. Actually, I don’t think it was harmful at all. If I didn’t have my Tumblr, I’m not so sure what I might have had.

I wish that I still had the passion to update my Tumblr regularly but I’m not as into it anymore. And I saw this post that said something like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube fame means something but Tumblr fame means nothing. And that is pretty much true. If your Facebook posts go viral, you could be contacted by companies. With Instagram, you could get sponsorships and Instagram may pay you themselves. YouTube is self-explanatory; there are many different opportunities. But Tumblr? I can’t think of anything. Maybe there’s sponsorships but I’m not sure.

I kind of want to start a YouTube channel. I think that I could be a great YouTuber. And in fact, many people have told me that I’d be a great YouTuber. I regret not trying Vine out. You never know what could happen. My phone’s camera is bad and I don’t have an actual camera and no editing program (and a Windows device); are these just excuses? They might be. I need to figure out a way to work past this. It’d be great to buy an expensive camera and editing program and be like, “I’ll make up for it with the money that I make from YouTube” but is that realistic? I guess I need to start with the materials that I have now but the first thing that I need to do is get a job.

I think I’ll end the blog here, thank you for reading!


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